36 weeks pregnant

A couple of weeks ago I saw the midwife for a routine appointment and she measured my fundal height (how big your uterus is, gives an indication of baby development and size). I was measuring 3 weeks ahead so she booked me into the day unit at the hospital for monitoring. I had scan and it turns out I have too much amniotic fluid, a condition called polyhydramnios. This in itself is not the end of the world but means I have to be monitored more as different factors can cause it, some serious, some not. I had a test for gestational diabetes which I passed and a growth scan to see what baby was up to. He seems to be healthy in there but his tummy is a bit large and the sonographer called him a chubby chops! She pointed out that he has hair on the scan. It was lovely to see him again looking like a big “real” baby.

I’ve had regular appointments at the day unit to test my blood pressure which has seem to have shot up – I have pregnancy induced hypertension. They have to keep a close eye on this in case I develop pre-eclampsia which can be super scary.

Last weekend I had a bit of a scare as they found protein in my urine which is an indication of pre-eclampsia and I was admitted to the hospital for a 24hour urine monitoring (there’s no glamour in being pregnant). I had to record everything I drank and collect all my wee in a plastic bottle, nice. I was also having my blood pressure and temperature checked every few hours. I was lonely and bored and a bit teary. I’d only gone into the the day unit thinking I was going to have a few checks and suddenly I was on the ward with other ladies who had just given birth! I was most surreal to be eating dinner with new mums and their tiny babies. You never leave you child alone so if you don’t have a visitor you can wheel your baby about in a cot/trolley. I was let out Saturday afternoon and subsequently didn’t have any more protein in my wee (dipstick tests can give a false reading if becomes contaminated with umm something else lol don’t want to give tmi!).

Basically I have high blood pressure and my life revolves around being pregnant at the moment. I have a problem with acid reflux also and trying to get to a decent night’s sleep is impossible. Still I’m so looking forward to meeting our son it will all be worth it. I must say that the staff at The Countess of Chester hospital are great and I’m being well looked after.

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pregnancy links

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nantwich food festival + victorian fair

Last weekend we went to Nantwich’s Food Festival. There was a big marquee with lots of stalls showcasing thier wares and plenty of samples to try. Good news for a greedy person like me! I admit I sampled alot of cheese that day.

veggie sausage fest.jpg
First stop was the Vegetarian Society’s “veggie sausage fest”, lots of meat-free sausages for us to try.

lovely organic veg.jpg
Boxfresh Organics had a lovely array of organic vegetables, including rainbow carrots and some pretty looking aubergines.

We went on a walk about eating wild food. This man is talking about plantain. It was really interesting. Make sure you know what you are picking, whose land you are on and that it’s not been urinated on by a dog before you eat anything!

100% vegetarian.jpg
I was given a 100% vegetarian sticker which I proudly wore on my bump to show baby will be a vegetarian too.

victorian policeman.jpg
We wandered into the town centre where a Victorian fair was being held. Lots of stalls with people dressed up in costume. Here’s a policeman, he was handcuffing children.

long-haired akita.jpg
Saw this not very Victorian but gorgeous long-haired Akita. Love those bear-like paws!

sleepy ferret.jpg
This is a very sleepy ferret.

very cross owl.jpg
This is a very cross owl.

Back at home and Mr C made me a birthday cake (I’ve just turned 31). He made me a carrot cake with cream cheese topping. He doesn’t like it so I ate the majority of it haha.

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how big is baby?

If you are pregnant it’s quite hard to imagine what size your baby is. If you need a visual clue then check out this from The Bump. I’m on week 25 so I have a little baby aubergine (eggplant) in me!

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baby @ 20 weeks

We had an anatomy scan at 20 weeks and we are having a boy. Everything was normal, he’s healthy and a good size.

He was being a bit naughty at first and wouldn’t show one of his arms to the sonographer. I had to go to the toilet to empty my bladder in the hope he’d move (I had a chat with him and asked him to show his arm). Went back in the scan room and this time he showed his arm but bless him he did a thumbs up as if to say “look I’ve done it”! The sonographer was laughing her head off. Actually we didn’t know it was a boy until we were all done. It was like the sonographer wasn’t going to bother mentioning it unless I prompted her. Though of course the most important thing is that he’s healthy.

I went into town and celebrated by buying him the cutest pair of monkey trousers a tiny top with bears on!

By the way the photo is not him doing thumbs up as she didn’t take one of him doing that.


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happy news

Just a little annoucement to say I am 14 weeks pregant and very happy!

This is our little bean at 12 weeks

Because of our need for another bedroom we are moving house on Wednesday. We will be still in Chester but this time in a house with a good size kitchen and two bedrooms. It will feel like a treat to not be living in a flat anymore. We are off to ikea tomorrow to spend a small fortune on beds/sofas/chest of drawers etc; expensive but great fun. The internet is being cut off and then transferred to the new house on Wednesday and it may take up to a month to get it back! How will I cope?!

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