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pregnancy links

8 ways to determine your baby’s position in the womb right now

10 things I wish I’d known before I became a mum

Baby and bump forum – an excellent forum for everyone from trying to conceive right through to raising children

Arm’s Reach – co-sleeping without the worry

Lizzie’s Real Nappies – reusable nappies

Cheeky Baby Wipes -a hassle free washable cloth Kit that’ll do your bit for the environment and save you money

Sleepy Wrap – a lovely way to wear your baby. My friend has kindly bought me one of these and I’m so looking forward to using it.

A list of worthwhile sites for baby freebies

How to swaddle a baby:

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how big is baby?

If you are pregnant it’s quite hard to imagine what size your baby is. If you need a visual clue then check out this from The Bump. I’m on week 25 so I have a little baby aubergine (eggplant) in me!

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how to pack your travel bags

how to pack efficiently from lifehacker

one bag – the art and science of travelling light

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funny money

I just took delivery of alot of Japanese yen in time for our holiday. It’s a bit scary because there’s 10,000 yen notes which seem alot to me but are worth £42 (at time of writing).

I found the best deal for ordering foreign money through this comparison site: Travel Money Maximiser. We’ve previously used to Post Office but this time we went through Travelcare which had a better exchange rate and free delivery.

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