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8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath

Something for all you geeks out there: the 8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath is available to buy at Thinkgeek for $14.99. It features favourite 8-bit memories in flickering LED.

Via geeksaresexy

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I’m enjoying pinning bits n bobs to my pinterest board. Do let me know if you have one I enjoy noseying at other boards.

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My talented husband, Mr C is now selling his work on etsy in his Chayground shop

You can buy a custom retro cartoon print of yourself.

Or a music hall bill poster commemorating a wedding or a birth.

What about a pirate abc?

There’s more cool prints in his shop. All sales help to fund Darwin’s Organix animal shape biscuit habit.

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omg pop tees

I’m loving my new panda tee from omg pop tees omg pop tee - panda Cute design aside I really like the length on this t-shirt. I got a man’s sizing (to accommodate my boobs aha) and being tall I really need a top that covers my kidneys so I’m happy this does the job perfectly. The material is also nice and soft. They have lots of other cute and cool t-shirts and there’s plenty of addictive online games to play at omg .
It retails for $20 and they ship internationally, hooray!

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1001 movies you must see before you die

1001 movies book cover

In our household we have a new goal in our lives! We have set ourselves the task of watching all 1001 movies in this book. It’s a film reference book presented chronologically with a brief synopsis and critique. It begins with Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon in (1902) and my edition ends with Kill Bill Volume 1 (2003).

I bought this book back in 2003 when I worked at Just Books and it lived on my bookshelf gathering dust. For the first 5 months after having Darwin I barely made it downstairs in the evening because of feeding and the trouble I had with getting him to sleep. So when I managed to get back downstairs in the evening for a few precious hours I wanted to do something with evening. Now I’m not about to go clubbing and it’s all too easy to spend hours mooching about on the internet. I wanted a goal I could complete and I wanted it tickable! I went through the book ticking (with a pencil phew) off the films I’ve already seen such as Rope (1948) and Seven (1995). What I really like about this book is that it’s expanding my horizons and making me watch films I probably never would have bothered with before. For example, Once Upon a Time in America (1983), depicting life in the Prohibition era is an epic of a film running for 3 hours 49 minutes. It took us two nights to watch that one. I don’t think I would have bothered with a film that long previously but now I’m compelled to watch it and tick it off. We also enjoy making our own popcorn with syrupy sauce to scoff as we view. So far we’ve recorded a lot of films from Film 4, indeed we have a hard disk rammed with movies!

We have the 2003 edition so when we’ve finished this lot we have to watch the new additions. Filmsquish has a complete list of all editions’ movies on the 1001 list past and present which means we have a total of 1078 films to watch.

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japanese washi tape – part 2

If you want to drool over pictures of washi tape and get ideas of what to make with it then you need a book on it! They are all in Japanese but I guess the projects are easily figured out.

tape book
“How to Use Masking Tape” (ISBN 978-4-05-404387-9) is available from Shimgraphica and Uguisu.

tape book 2
Kawaii Craft Making with Washi Masking Tapes is available from Uguisu who ship worldwide.

tape book 3
Book of Masking Tapes / Masking tape no hon available from Uguisu reviewed at melampyrum.

If you want even more ideas then check out these two flickr groups: tape your world and masking tape: what to do?.

Pugly Pixel have these free digital tape strips

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japanese washi tape – part 1

I have a new fetish – japanese washi tape. I’ve always had a thing for stationery, in particular Japanese stationery. Washi tape is a masking tape that comes in a range of colours and patterns – stripes, polka dots, grids or plain . It is easy to tear by hand, write on and doesn’t leave any tackiness behind after removal and can even be used again and again. Washi tape is translucent making it pefect for layering. It is ideal for colour coding, labelling, gift wrapping and collages. You can buy rolls and rolls of it on etsy and also at happy tape, cute tape. paper nation. This collector’s guide is for hardcore fans.

So apart from looking at it what can you do with it? Here are my favourites:

Gift tag seen at A Spoonful of Sugar
gift tag

Masking tape garland from Picnic

Stitched bunting invites seen at Mermag

Mini bunting tutorial at The Red Thread blog
mini bunting

Twist tie seen at Zakka Life
twist tie

Pretty frames seen at Decor8
pretty tape frame

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gorgeous free printable calendar


A print a day has this cute matryoshka free printable calendar.

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mr penguin the tea-timer

Mr Penguin the tea-timer looks like a super cute way to brew your tea to perfection!

Mr Penguin’s beak lowers the tea bag into the hot water when the timer dial is turned. At the sound of the bell, his beak will lifts the tea bag from the water. I must get one!
Available at Amazon for $11.39.

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how big is baby?

If you are pregnant it’s quite hard to imagine what size your baby is. If you need a visual clue then check out this from The Bump. I’m on week 25 so I have a little baby aubergine (eggplant) in me!

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