Snow globes

I’ve been fascinated by snow globes since I was a little girl. Every year mum and I would unpack the old decorations and I loved seeing my tacky plastic snow globe. I think the allure of the snow globe lies in the fact there’s miniature world where where you can repeatedly make it snow. I was going to make one this year but I’ve left buying the glycerine too late now. Apparently you can use baby oil instead but we don’t have any of that (despite having a baby). I think I will get Darwin to help me make one next Christmas.

Mason jar snow globe DIY from Michaela Noelle Designs

Waterless snow globe tutorial at tidymom

Kitsch snow globe by Peepthread

Charm bracelet diva has a cute home made snow globe soap tutorial

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for featuring my kitschy snow globes :) I didn’t know you could use baby oil for globes with floating snow. Good tip!

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