japanese washi tape – part 1

I have a new fetish – japanese washi tape. I’ve always had a thing for stationery, in particular Japanese stationery. Washi tape is a masking tape that comes in a range of colours and patterns – stripes, polka dots, grids or plain . It is easy to tear by hand, write on and doesn’t leave any tackiness behind after removal and can even be used again and again. Washi tape is translucent making it pefect for layering. It is ideal for colour coding, labelling, gift wrapping and collages. You can buy rolls and rolls of it on etsy and also at happy tape, cute tape. paper nation. This collector’s guide is for hardcore fans.

So apart from looking at it what can you do with it? Here are my favourites:

Gift tag seen at A Spoonful of Sugar
gift tag

Masking tape garland from Picnic

Stitched bunting invites seen at Mermag

Mini bunting tutorial at The Red Thread blog
mini bunting

Twist tie seen at Zakka Life
twist tie

Pretty frames seen at Decor8
pretty tape frame

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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the link! I have a huge love of japanese masking tape too.

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